‘Msvcr100.dll’ is a system file, and it is the part of Microsoft Visual Studio® 2010program developed by Microsoft Corporation. The file is very much required to run various programs developed with Visual C++. If you are playing games which are based on Visual C++, you might want to use the file, msvcr100.dll. Thus, the file can be found in the application installation folder. If you find any error, you might resolve by copying it from Windows system folder to the installation folder of the game/application so that the issue will be fixed.

What is ‘msvcr100.dll’ file?

Msvcr100.dll file is called Microsoft C Runtime Library. Some games or applications need the file. There will be various kinds of errors if the file is missing. These errors will be displayed while trying to start the application. To fix the error, you should download the file and it should be copied to the installation folder.

Msvcr100.dll error

If the msvcr100.dll file is deleted or corrupted, ‘msvcr100.dll error’ message will be displayed. The error might be displayed if there are some issues with the Windows registry. Hardware failure and virus issue will also lead to the malfunction or error message.


The following error messages are likely to be displayed:

  1. dll not found
  2. cannot find path\ msvcr100.dll

The file msvcr100.dll is missing.

  1. Cannot start [application]. A required component is missing: msvcr100.dll

Please install [application] again.

The error message might be displayed in the following instances:

  • Windows OS is first starting up
  • Windows OS is shutting down
  • When a program is being installed in windows
  • When a program is being used in Windows
  • During the installation of new Windows OS

The error message might appear on the following Microsoft operating systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000

Fixing msvcr100.dll errors

It is important to download msvcr100.dll file from a trusted and verified source. The source should be very clean, and it should not be an altered version.

  • If you suspect any program that is causing the msvcr100.dll error, the program should be reinstalled.
  • By using the ‘System Restore’ option, the system changes can be reversed very easily. You can fix the msvcr100.dll error also in this manner.
  • If your system is infected with virus or malware, you should resolve the issue so that msvcr100.dll issue will be resolved automatically.
  • If you have deleted the file accidentally, you should be able to restore the same from the recycle bin. After restoring the file, the system should be restarted.
  • By installing available latest windows updates, the file will be fixed or replaced, and the issue is resolved.
  • Download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update and you should run it. The replacement or restoration will be done very efficiently.

Before downloading the file, you are advised to start Windows in safe mode if you face msvcr100.dll during startup so that the issue might be fixed.